Empowering adults with intellectual disability for over 3 decades

Who we are

As an adult training centre for people with intellectual disability, between 16-50 years, Muskaan builds capabilities while breaking the myths surrounding intellectual disability.

What we do

Focusing on wholistic development, we provide Vocational and Life Skill Training, Employment Services and Family Support Services, spread Awareness and undertake Advocacy campaigns.

Our Products

We take pride in retailing more than 200 products created by our work associates, at our vocational centre. Many join mainstream work places, as confident employees.

Diversity, Not Disability

Celebrating diversity

Disability is a social construct; nature has only diversity. Delve deeper, understand people with intellectual disability, be a part of the enabling environment.

Development potential

People with intellectual disability are a part of human diversity. They have immense learning potential, capacity for understanding feeling, achieving and aspiring.

Resource centre

An insight into intellectual disability. Blogs, videos and articles help break the myths around intellectual disability with hard facts and a humane touch.

Make A Difference

Community as Enabler

The entire community – parents, teachers and neighbours – are enablers. By spreading awareness and providing equality of opportunity the mind set can be changed.

Partner with us

Join us as a volunteer, intern, partner or by participating in our events. Experience the joy and simplicity of a diverse world.


A small gesture can make a big difference. Find out how your contributions brings a smile on the faces of our associates.


We would love to hear from you, drop us a line with suggestions, queries or a thought and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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